Monday, 23 January 2012

The trouble with January...

The trouble with January is that it goes on much too long. This is my least favourite time of year - the days are way too short and the nights (which start at 4.30pm and end at 8.00am thus requiring me to take and collect my children from the school bus in the semi-dark) go on forever. Also, and I realise this may be personal to me, usually we are in that post-Christmas hangover - not literally - phase, and my beloved tends to be in the USA for a goodly chunk of the month, and, I am facing yet another birthday. None of this is good and there is seemingly nothing we can do about it. Or so I thought...

Here's the plan: without wishing to claim that this is an original idea - obviously someone in the Northern Hemisphere will have come up with this before - what we need to do is make January shorter. How would it be if we made January twenty eight days long like February (which is nearly as bad in my book but mercifully short) and then made three of the best months in the year which have only thirty days in them another day longer. Who doesn't love April, June and September? April, with all the anticipation of summer, long June evenings and September when the days are still fairly long and the weather tends to be better than August. Why not give them a day each and make January twenty eight days?

I've given this some thought and I realise that for a few people losing three days out of January may be a problem. Obviously for a start, people with birthdays on the last three days in January - but just think, you could have your birthday in April, June or September which is clearly a much better time for a party. And people doing their tax returns like my beloved who thinks he has got another eight days to do his, and mine, and to help child 1 with hers. He might be a bit stressed. But otherwise I can't see a problem, here at least.

The real difficulty, I suppose, will be the people in the Southern Hemisphere and I haven't come up with a solution to that. But then, global solutions are really beyond my mental capacity. It just works for me. So, all in favour - say "aye"!

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